Develop the confidence to hone your career strengths and speak with the conviction that will get your message heard. Today's competitive job market can make it blurry for many talented executives but having the right mindset and development plan to clear the path of unnecessary obstacles is essential in making more educated decisions about your career as well as what you want most out of life.


After more than a decade serving the best interests of hospitality leaders from Singapore to Argentina - Nerissa brings a sharp focus in hiring ethics for today's global market optimised with the necessary building blocks for those who seek to adopt a mindset and lifestyle conducive with a strong growth strategy in self and ambition.



      1:1 self-development and career mapping sessions. Confidence Building and Career Development Exercises are curated and developed to fit your specific learning needs and career growth path.

      Each Session is one-hour maximum and requires a total of at least five sessions to fully conceptualise development plans and progress. It is advised to choose a Resume and Development Package to get the BEST VALUE in Career Branding and Self Development.


      Refund Policy

      Due to the nature of this service Refunds are not applicable. Details are communicated fully before payments to ensure you are purchasing the package or service that best suits your needs and career growth plan.



      ****This OFFER is ONLY applicable to the purchase of a Resume and Career Development Package.*****

      If you require additional CAREER INFOCUS Sessions from that of your hourly package rates - you will be charged separately at US$50/HOUR with the third and fourth session free if you require two additional sessions.

      You will be sent an Invoice before your sessions to payment completion.

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