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The N0.1 reason people quit their jobs is the 'inability to learn and grow.'​

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

It's no secret; Learning is key to keeping your employees happy and your business relevant. It is rooted in the establishment of strong brand cultures and keeping up with the pace of innovation, consumer behaviours, generational shifts, social change and the list goes on.

In Deloitte's 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report from a study done with 10,000 participants from 119 countries, they found, "people now rate the 'opportunity to learn' as among their TOP reasons for taking a job," and the N0.1 reason people quit their jobs is the 'inability to learn and grow.' Impressive isn't it.

Yet there are a lot of well-intended training initiatives that don't always move the needle. Training and Learning are intertwined but NOT one-and-the-same when it comes to process, design, interception and measurement. In my line of work, I see first-hand the cause and effect from an employee's inability to connect or understand 'their' WHY in the desired behaviour, process or service. This is also why, and a golden rule of mine, I always go back to the people. Because your people are the ones that are going to be required to bring about the desired effect to grow your cause (vision) and if they can't see it, value it and/or connect with it in a meaningful way, you'll never get their unwavering participation. And by 'unwavering participation', I mean people who are so invested in what you stand for that they will turn down a higher paying job or stay when they know they can go. Learning is powerful in business and more so when it comes to adding purpose and fulfilment to the lives of many.

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