Oh, Canada! A Banff Experience

Dating back to the era of 1883 when it is said three Canadian Pacific Railway construction workers stumbled upon the caves containing hot springs on the Eastern slopes of the Alberta Rocky Mountains, I have to wonder what went through the minds of those three workers. You see, whenever I’m faced with the beauty of these natural phenomena I am left breathless.  It is from that era Canada would name its first National Park – Banff National Park and the world’s third reaching 6,641 square kilometres of mountains, valleys, forests, rivers, and glaciers home to 53 species of mammals.

Little souvenir shops line the main streets of downtown Banff with a limited number of Hotels and Inns that will give you a piece of Banff in its woodsy and mountaineer’s architecture.

To date, the famous Banff Springs Hotel continues to be the hotel of choice even after 125 years but is rallied by its counterparts of the Rimrock Hotel, the Banff International Hotel, and the Mont-Royal which continue to be hotels that stand the time of the National Park.

Restaurants meeting almost every culinary palette along with trails of pubs and nightlife meets a young hip lifestyle ubiquitous to this town. I find it all rather exciting and moved here myself in the Summer of 2012 with my family and if I haven’t mentioned it before its an excellent d