Are You A 'Me-Me' Manager? Consider This...

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

It's my project
It's my department
It's my idea
It's my people
It's my initiatives
It's my sweat
It's my business philosophy

Now, think of how much difference it would make if you were to switch out the word 'ME' for 'OUR' in your message.

It's our project
It's our department
It's our idea
It's our people
It's our initiatives
It's our sweat
It's our business philosophy

Give your people a reason to feel included in what the company stands for, and they'll become invested in seeing it grow too. When you swap out the word 'me' for 'our' you have automatically changed the tone of the conversation as well as the perception of what the company culture represents.

Are you a me-me manager?