How To Use Your New Resume from our Career Market

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Resumes crafted from our Career Market are all optimised to meet the relevant information for your specific industry, job level and career growth. No two resumes are crafted to showcase the same information and goes against everything we believe.

However, here are some exciting things you might like to know on just how much we put into delivering a truly authentic resume.

  1. You really do have our FULL attention with requests answered in 24 hrs or less.

  2. A career development specialist with the insight of an executive recruiter will actually 'SPEAK' with you and take the time to understand you and your career needs.

  3. The job's never done until you are 100% satisfied and that's spot on. Also, if for any reason you desire an upgrade, we'll do it at no extra charge with a whole 30 days 'change period'. It's that simple. It's our commitment to service.

  4. We'll research the locations you've worked, companies you worked with and use psychometric analysis to offer only the most relevant data with educated suggestions for your career growth.

  5. We will craft your resume to be irresistible to the human eye but readable for the ultra no-nonsense it is what it is, not getting by me with your fluff -ATS.

Now you know a bit on how much we care, here are some tips before taking your new resume for a spin.

Read the Job Description in detail, please...

All too often many Job Seekers get winded by an interesting title and opt for immediately applying with their LinkedIn profile or resume on upload. This is quite okay if what the Employer is asking, is exactly what can be demonstrated from your resume. The odds are, the job may fit you perfectly, or somewhat that, but here's the thing; 90% of jobs today are filtered using some sort of automated tracking system to allow hiring managers a more efficient recruitment sorting process. It's not perfect since many really talented people with years of experience get washed away quickly and not recognising the dos and don'ts when applying to your dream job, so will you. But before, consider the tips below :

  • Read the job description fully.

  • Make a note of repeated words in the text that show importance to the employer.

  • Review your resume SKILLS area and