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The Golden Rule: To Living A High Energy Life

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I was asked today in a Meeting with a client while we had a coffee break—“ how do You maintain such a high energy level” and he wasn’t talking about the energy in which I keep up with life, but the energy I add to everything around me. The enthusiasm.

I couldn’t tell you I didn’t know what he was asking because I try to live my life as conscious as I possibly can.

—As clear and participative to the decisions I make. Because no one wants to go through life floating, to one day wake up and say, —“how the heck did I get here?”

No, being fully engaged, connected and focused on creating value from my actions have become me. —So, to answer his question, I simply and honestly replied, this drive I have is my commitment to adding value to each and every life I come into contact with by being fully present in everything I do.

From negotiations to family dinners. Being present with every fibre is key.

—Because when you know your actions are bigger than you, you can feel whole with being in your own skin and focus on being the best version possible with everything you do.

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