Doubt Is A Killer

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I recently read a post by one of my favorite business writers on "doubt." Coincidentally, it was something that I kept thinking of a few days before and particularly how dangerous this creeper of thoughts can be to the success of any project let alone even getting it off the ground.

Doubt is a killer


Self-doubt, in my opinion, is singularly the most dangerous moment a person can experience. In the beginning, your idea sparks a bust of creatively, clarity and excitement through and through where it looks like gold, a definite must do, attainable. You get so pumped-up then after you've slept on it, by the middle of the afternoon the next day you're thinking ... hmm, I don't know how the hell I am going to pull this off.

All of a sudden you've started to doubt yourself, the idea of owning the business of your dreams or applying for the job that's a level up feels too risky, too far-fetched and perhaps bigger than what you can commit to right now. This is all doubt. It's a killer and it happened to me. More times than I'd like to admit but you know what, you've got to remind yourself, as fast as doubt creeps into your space you've got to flush it out with a strong dose of reality:-

Businesses take work. Anything worth the big $$$ takes work. Great ideas take a creative process they must go through to mature and yes they'll be ups and downs. Nothing is ever straight shooting - it's business. It takes finessing, research, testing, collaboration and commitment. What's even more important is that, if it means enough to you, it shouldn't feel as easy to give up.

Once the idea of starting your own venture sinks in, it can feel overwhelming at first. You may even find yourself dealing with things you hadn't thought of in the beginning but with the right mindset, you can bring yourself to put doubt behind you and start thinking like the entrepreneur you are meant to be, with more confidence, consciousness, and control of the situation at hand