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Don’t Discount Yourself: Up Your Offer

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Have you recently started a new project? Have you moved beyond the one-off freelance to actual business projects where you get paid through your official channels? Now you’re excited and you don’t want to lose your clients so you think maybe I’ll keep my prices extra low or give in to ever mouth twist or raise of an eyebrow. Right? Wrong!

You’re not alone. There are so many talented entrepreneurs who have worked so hard for their big break and when they finally get it they start to think of drastic ways of keeping their newly found clients’ byways that actually do more harm than good.

Remember you are worth every penny for what you have to offer. So if your price is X amount for that unique plan of services you have curated then that’s what it is! Your price point should never be the first on the go-to.

If your client wants to negotiate, be smart, don’t dumb your price, up your offer.

Provide an extra service or add-on they simply can’t refuse. Or a payment plan. There’s always a way if you’re firm and believe enough in what you’re doing to stand your ground.

Because once you’ve discounted your price, you’ve discounted yourself, you’ve discounted your brand – don’t plan on getting it back from that client. So learn, move on, do better, keep growing.

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