Build A Mindset With Purpose Then Activate Your Lifestyle Habits

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

To many the word ‘health’ refers to our immediate medical state, it is by definition: the state of being free from illness or injury. But apart from that, the way in which we manoeuvre our daily activities have only recently directed importance to the contribution of attaining long-term health. We’ve for many years associated the idea of good health with a more traditional notion of not being in pain of a physical form or plagued by a life-threatening disease and while this is true, with the advent of more thought-provoking medical research, experts explore the topic of habitual lifestyles as a measure of promoting overall good health, wellbeing – the paradox of topics that contribute to not only cases of diagnosis but of preventative self-care.

That is to say, the attributes of attaining good health that relied heavily on momentary diagnosis are evolving into a preventative mindset where people get better educated on their lifestyle habits that promote longevity and are able to recognize the triggers that don’t.

Building a repetition of healthy patterns incorporated into your daily lifestyle are the habits that will allow to not only live a better life but build a more responsive mindset in how we view health in general. – Nerissa Janetta

Habits are the driving force that allows us to build the lifestyle we desire whether it is to travel the world, create and seize opportunities daily and at the end of it all, enjoy a wonderful sunset. However, the level of satisfaction we are able to get or absorb from any of these depends on how healthy our body can respond.

Think of the human body, the balance, health and normal function of our molecular structure, depends on how well we actively nourish ourselves. Our nutrition, physical activity, sleep, even the relationships we keep are all determining factors. Our continual functional without traumas of both physical and psychological in nature depends on a greater deal more of what we do outside of our doctor’s door than only what is done within.

It has always been my firm belief, unless I am going to see my doctor for my regular check-up there should be no other reason for me to see him or her, except of course in an emergency.

In more recent years the way we look at health, in general, is projected with parallel importance to our mindset and the consciousness with which we behave to our wellbeing.

Recognising good health shouldn’t only be depended on the results of your next doctor’s appointment rather it should be a reflection of your daily habits and your commitment and conscious participation to living your best life mentally, physically and socially. For this reason, I’ve outlined below core points I’ve personally explored and found to be of vast importance in keeping a healthy lifestyle and activating your lifestyle habits through building a mindset with purpose and creating an attitude of accepting social responsibility to yourself.