Best Indian Food spot : Playa del Carmen, Mexico

After a day full of at-home-fun with my kids, at about 5 o’clock in the late afternoon laying in bed with the two little ones I decided it would be nice for us to have a ‘’mommy date night.’’ I hadn’t booked any reservations and since my mood was so impromptu we all got dressed and decided to stroll down the street of our Playacar neighbourhood to a lovely little Indian restaurant I had passed dozens of times during the day with much curiosity.

It wasn’t without some curiosity that got me to venture at the unsuspecting little Indian restaurant on the corner of Playacar.

So, off we went into the easygoing sunset hours of the cool evening sky in beautiful Playa del Carmen. A place I now call home and proudly so. As we approached the little restaurant with a few white chairs nesting seats outside over Indian style umbrellas, I decided to head on inside the doors with a Ganesh deity before the name ‘’Curry Omm’’ the name of the restaurant.  I browsed through the menu and with a look of satisfaction turned to my four and six-year-old – ‘so how about’ it?’ ‘Can we eat here, mommy really wants to try the food and there’s good food for us all here.’ As I waited for their approval, my tough little critics they smiled broadly and nodded, ‘yes mommy.’ So we were set.

A beautiful tall lady greeted us with a brilliant smile as we sat down. We sat indoors within the air-conditioned space as the tunes from Bollywood hits played very discreetly in the background. It’s not a big space by any means and I was lucky we were able to have a table considering we strolled on in without a reservation but I suppose that’s the perk of dining out early. Most of Playa del Carmen dinner crowd increases well after the sunset when the city speaks a most beautiful culture that is very contrasting to that of the day.

 I went on to place our orders and picked out a little bit of everything that caught my eye. We started with an order of Papadums -thin Indian crispy cracker or flatbread paired with a delightful yoghurt and herb garnish and a set of the best ever lamb samosas. For my children, this was a first and a thorough favourite of the evening.