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6 Tips That Will Help You Get in Your Most Productive Mindset

Updated: Apr 16, 2020


Common advice is to find and follow your passion. But it’s not so simple. You don’t just magically stumble upon the feeling and enjoy everything from there out.

**Expecting**... only sets you up for repeated disappointment. Passion needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Otherwise, what was once something you *LOVED* may start to feel like a chore, and burnout looms right around the corner. There is a set of actionable principles that supports the kind of ongoing passion that yields not just peak performance but also a rich and fulfilling life.

DRIVE FROM WITHIN 💪 : There are two practices that help

Regularly reflect on what you love about your work or activity—the reasons that you got into it in the first place.After a tough loss or big win, give yourself 24 hours to grieve the defeat or celebrate the victory, but then get back to doing the work itself.


Too much focus on a specific goal, especially one that’s outside your full control, almost always does more harm than good.


Instead focus on your strengths, your way, your craft. Actively participate in getting better and better.


A well known principle of physical training is this: if you want a muscle to grow, you must push it beyond its normal bounds until it is hard, if not impossible, to perform additional repetitions.


Any long-term progression contains inevitable periods of boredom. We are hardwired to seek novelty and stimulation, which is why quick fixes and hacks can be so appealing—even though they rarely, if ever, work.


When we are fully present for whatever it is we’re doing, we gain a new appreciation for our respective pursuits and our own unique role in them.

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